Professional numismatist: A trusted local source to sell old coins, currency and Bullion

I am also a buyer of coins, currency, and bullion from individuals and estates. This is by appointment only. I am not a retail coin shop.
The coin, silver, and gold buying industry is very unregulated. It is important to sell to someone you trust. I try to apply the same principles of buying your valuables as I do in other areas of my business.
I have had an interest in coins and numismatics since I was a child. I really got a crash course, however, when I was the executor of an estate with a large collection of silver coins some years ago. I searched every business (pawn shops, antique stores, jewelry stores, mail order businesses, and coin shops) in Galesburg and over a 75-mile radius to find the best price for the coins. The prices offered were very inconsistent. I never felt confident that I was getting a fair deal.
Since that time, I have decided to fulfill that need right here in Galesburg. After many hours of studying (still ongoing), I have registered with wholesale bullion and numismatic dealers, and I only strive to make a reasonable profit.


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Attention: I am an honest buyer for honest sellers. I do not take part in illegal or questionable activities. Clients must be of sound and sober mind. No minors. ID required. I do not buy stolen property and will alert authorities to any suspected criminal activity. I may refuse service to anyone at any time.
I do not store cash or any valuables on-premises. This is why an appointment is mandatory. Home office is under 24-hour video surveillance in accordance with state and local codes.

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The above picture shows a random assortment of items that I may be interested in purchasing.
Note: I do not resell to the public any of the above-mentioned items, whether for collection or investment purposes. The only investments I sell are offered by prospectus (such as mutual funds) through by broker/dealer, American Portfolios, which is independent of both my tax and coin buying services.

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