Investing your IRA & 401(k) Rollover funds with a CPA makes sense!

Well, not just IRAs but other investments as well.
In the early years, my practice has diversified from a tax and accounting practice to one that includes advising my clients on all of their financial needs.
Knowing your financial and tax situation puts me in a unique position to offer you proper and suitable advice to help you achieve long-term financial success. I’ve always felt uncomfortable referring you to an investment broker since they do not generally have a total understanding of your financial situation. It is not simply a matter of knowing your tax bracket. So many credits these days depend on your income, so implementing the right kind of investment could have a direct effect on things such as Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit, College Credits, Savers Credit, as well as repayment of ACA Health Insurance advancements. Also, I could not be assured that other advisors would act in your best interests. For these reasons, I offer investment services right along with my income tax preparation services.


Financial Services

I am affiliated with American Portfolios Financial Services, an independent broker-dealer firm that offers a full range of investment products and services. I am confident that these services will help you achieve your financial goals. As always, my commitment is to provide you with the absolute best possible tax and financial advice to help you accomplish your goals and pay the lowest taxes allowed by law.
Many tax clients take advantage of my complementary, no obligation annual investment review. Simply include copies of your current 401(k) plan and other investment/insurance accounts, and I will give you an objective and unbiased analysis.

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